If you’ve ever struggled to find good quality digital media and creative arts resources or project inspiration (like I’m sure most of us have) you’ve come to the right place. This site is designed to collate useful information for students and beginners, and create a place where you can ask anything you need help with!

This resource site was inspired and prompted by my own frustration being an art and media student – as it is consistently difficult to find resources relating to what I’ve studied in the past, therefore I know this struggle very well myself – so this resource site of sorts, is to aid students and digital arts beginners experiencing these same issues, and provide a potential learning space that may not be easily accessible elsewhere.

Lilhelps is a free resource site, run by a digital media student with a passion for arts, photography, writing and design. Through collation of resources and curated ideas, the aim is to encourage people to continue on with their work and create projects – hopefully aided by what I have provided here. I am readily available for any and all questions and support you may need! I will answer each and every question to the best of my ability, and if necessary I will find more resources better suited to your needs.

Feel free to email me at: lilykmcgregor@gmail.com

disclaimer: images and content are not always mine, borrowed content will usually be supported by a link to the source.