I’ve recently noticed all the hype about Riverdale – trust me I get it – and some hype on Tumblr about how people think they can promote the show better, so I took my own twist on the show and created this poster using a template from here and this psd which I tweaked quite a bit. I have posted a video tutorial below on how I did this using Photoshop Cs6 – if you need any more help don’t hesitate to contact me or let me know of any other tutorials you would like to see on here!

Other quick tips I have written in the video, but may be missed 

  • You will need to download these fonts: here, here & here ( If you’re not sure how to do that, download them all and unzip them – if necessary -and right click on the font inside the folder, open it in fontbook – if you’re on mac – and install font. That’s all!
  • To place an image into the template slots, click ‘Command + Shift + F’ and drag the photo, this may take up a large portion of the photo but don’t fret – you can scale it down by going to edit – transform – scale. Also, always make sure the photo you are trying to place is directly above where you are trying to place it in the layers bar.
  • To type in the template, for example where the credits are, click the button that looks like a [ T ] in the layers bar and then highlight that same space on the page and type!

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