How to format a wordpress post, seems pretty simple in those small words doesn’t it? Though if you’re not familiar with the world of technology and how to use the hidden features of the wide world of WordPress, it can be daunting. Especially if you are quite literally thrust into the world of blogging as a necessary requirement at University, like I myself were in my first year. Assuming you know how to set up an account, setting up to write your first post is the simplest part in terms of things. Once you log in, in the right hand top corner is a ‘write’ button. Click that, just do it.  The video I have made above offers up some handy and useful details when you are formatting your first blog post, as the formatting on WordPress can be a bit different to other platforms!

For formatting, I generally keep my posts to paragraphs, and if there is something I really want a reader to look at i put it in bold. If it’s making a small point, the name of something or somewhere or a final point – I generally italicise it. Subheaders! I love to use subheaders and different sized fonts because it’s an easy way to make an average post look formal and informative, it’s also easier for readers to skim over a large post to see what they need to read. Bullet points are also brilliant at making information quick and easy to read, and gazes are more likely to look at bullet points because of the stigma of

  • lists
  • being
  • important. 

I can’t mention enough how much I prefer to read proper paragraphs compared to smaller paragraphs consisting of 3 lines, it looks messy and prompts me to lose my train of thought when reading, so I suggest 7-8 lines in a paragraph when it comes to blogging and if you have something important to say,

 use a block-quote.

And when I am finishing off a blogpost, it is usually finished with an important point or question. You can do it! Can’t you? 




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